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Amp Up My Biz, is a leader in the world of online marketing. Bridget and her team provide full-service, soup-to-nuts marketing solutions including Social Media Marketing & Training, Website Design & Development, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, and more! Her latest book, “Jobs to Jammies! Get out of your J.O.B. & Be a Work-in-Your-PJs Entrepreneur” is a #1 International Bestseller.

Business Consultant Positioning Expert

Innovate Brand Agency is not a graphic design company. We are a one-of-a-kind, full-service strategic branding agency specializing in thought leadership branding. We infuse profit consulting, strategic positioning, brand strategy and strategic design to build brands that launch the next generation of thought leaders. Learn more about our 5 step “Branding for the Bottom Line” process.


Dr. Robyn McKay is a global expert on human potential and highly esteemed advisor to leaders at Fortune 500 companies, emotionally intelligent executives, and spiritual entrepreneurs & coaches. She is dedicated to INNOVATIVE ORGANIZATIONS & HIGH PERFORMING PEOPLE, helping them rise higher than they ever imagined.


Well Spirited PR specializes in getting media exposure for female-led brands through a variety of strategies that span social media, advertising campaigns, and copywriting. Whether her clients are startups or internationally established companies, Bartle-Blakemore helps women take their brands to the next level.

establishing KEY-SYSTEMS and building virtual teams 

Tina Forsyth founder of Online Business Manager (OBM) role, and in 2008, Forsyth launched the International Association of Online Business Managers. Her training is a must-have for businesses looking to grow exponentially online. Her specialty is working with women, helping them to work through obstacles and challenges to scale their businesses to their true potential. Today, Forsyth is a highly sought-after coach, speaker, and trainer.


The Cash Flow CFO team is proficient at taking numbers and creating strategies for better bottom lines, but unlike some other consultancies, Cash Flow CFO takes a boutique stance by analyzing every penny for their clients.

White Label Publishing House

Alvarez is a best-selling author and business coach who specializes in helping her clients learn how to be Amazon best-selling authors, USA Today bestsellers, and more. She also offers a publishing certification program.

Quiz Funnels & Defector Branding

We Build Personal “ATMs” for Business Owners Through Winning Quiz Funnels & Defector Branding.

We open the Pandora’s Box of your Iconic Genius, and translate that into alluring and lucrative marketing that works. Thanks to our over 20 plus years of high level corporate marketing and branding guided by insightful consumer behaviour metrics, and our 8-figure entrepreneurial experience in what works, we ensure you have data-driven, yet alluring marketing that makes you THE MUST HAVE brand.

Sabrina Runbeck helps healthcare entrepreneurs accelerate their social mission and increase profitability by gaining visibility and credibility in the right circles of influence. Her clients no longer worry about where their next client is coming from, the need to plan additional budget for ads spending, or losing the ability to connect with others because their social media account is shut down.

Branding Agency

Rhonda Swan is an expert brand strategist whose expansive knowledge has served a long list of highly successful entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches, startups, and CEOs. She is the founder of UBA, a boutique PR, and branding agency committed to offering elite entrepreneurs and businesses phenomenal digital PR solutions in areas including but certainly not limited to using digital PR in tier 1 and 2 Google-indexed publications.


Twin Flames Studios, a full-service, award-winning audio production agency creating strategic, branded audio content, such as audiobooks, for established experts and successful service-based companies.


Scale your business while staying true to your spiritual leadership . Kimberlys' soul purpose is to help 5000 spiritual entrepreneurs step into their new roles as spiritual leaders and build true wealth on all levels.